Hello Yangworld!

Hey #YangGang! YangSwagAngels is up and working in basic form for us to coordinate monied Yangstas who would be donating more anyway to use their donations to buy our less-monied Yangstas some extra swag to aid in their enthusiastic outreach!

We made this site because we saw so many individual acts of strategic kindness happening spontaneously that we knew it would be useful to coordinate at larger scale! We hope you like the idea of using campaign donations to redistribute swag to folks who can’t afford swag but would rock it hard — we sure do!

For now, the website’s functions are pretty basic, but we’ll be adding more features as usage demands (to get an idea of the direction we’re heading, think: YSA auto-replying to wishful “I want swag but can’t afford to donate more” tweets with a magical opportunity like this!)



Questions? Improvements? This project is constantly evolving. Feel free to contact us!


ยฉ2020 #YangSwagAngels, working to help Andrew Yang help America save itself. Made with hella ๐Ÿ’– in Northern California. Not affiliated in any way with the official campaign. And other disclaimers.

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